Monday, December 15, 2008

eh no la...

its like the wild side of me has just decided to jam on the break and hit an abrupt halt draining away all the spirits and desire to party. *hears nat's distant cheer*...
babe how?!?! faster come back!!!
BUT...but...i'm refusing to believe cos...

for fuck's sake i'm only 22!!! is that old? is anyone convinced i'm of that age?
23 perhaps no? 24?...25?'s the genes. hmph
*wails uncontrollably*

anyway, i'm frank as shit here. the loft stinks like turtlepoo immersed in hydrogen sulphide. literally. one could only dance to their music if you've taken 5 doses ajinomoto+coke. there were small steps here and there you'd think you could walk straight but end up falling flat on ur asian face and...the sofa area smelt like puke. perfect.

anyway i drank a couple (not mentioning...not much...dun ask...still sober...not drunk...still remember what palpitation is), tried boogying cos i felt fat, skived to the toilet a couple times cos i had nothing else better to do, camwhored like crazy with he, she, it, they and us and...THE HORROR! i dozed off. so crever. *claps* i think laling dozed off and i stoned...i have no idea but it was terrible i wished i had just stayed home and watched the christmas tree lights change color.

leongchaikin, leongpeixzan, laling channeled to the sleeping mode

the jb gang without the outcasts ie me, me, me and...who else? me?

the leong outcasts pouting for obvious reasons.
there goes our presents from santa. sigh

known as the-ex. tak tau nama dah.

i know 1's rachel and another tammy. but erm...
from my face you know i'm too shy to ask which is which so...

i remember there's 1 lily. and no, not from the Chins.
but apparently her pictures with me are...undetectable.
and there were about 15 other people loitering around. no i dunno who.
i'm gonna watch the lights turn color now.


the office needs to de-germ, if there is even such a term.
an enclosed air-conditioned, carpeted, stessful small room with 20 sick beings and 30% insectiside-filled-molecule air is...terribly unhealthy.
*downs yummy-green cough syrup*

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