Friday, July 24, 2009


yang teramat maximus...
is when the ipod, returning after a long hiatus, decides to ironically get a bead stuck shit in it's hole.

i mean...the one where the earphones get inserted to.

i stuck the earphones into my ear while driving (shush i can multitask) and tried pushing the other end into the slid off. i struggled for a moment and realized there was this round, smooth surface blocking the opening.

as thick as i could get (yes i know i'm dumb so shush again), i sumhow was convinced sumthing from beneath the port must have popped up instead of thinking some alienated objects could have found their way to nest there.

so i shove the headphone in.

and within an instant (see i'm not so thick after all...just a little too late to notice)...i realized i'm doomed. fucking bead's gonne be stuck forever unless i am willing to gip the pod up and have him sent back to the factories. which i wonder how mch they can do.

somehow a similar bead was found on alfred's table.
why wasn't it shoved into his port as well?!

ok kidding. he's not stupid. i am.
it's still working. just that it's classily bandaged in order to keep the parts connected.
i was a first aider after all. reaching the national level does mean something.

get well soon.
le sigh.
OMG. it's saturday already.
monday's coming.

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