Thursday, February 23, 2006

One Good Show...Justin

with just one album and a few self composed songs under his belt, he's one miracle. AND HE'S CUTE!!! his first concert tickets sold out in 15 mins and the next session is coming soon in april...unfortunately not in malaysia.

i reached around 5. met rie, whom i met thru the forum, WHO COINCIDENTLY is also a utar student, COINCIDENTLY studying in the same building as i am but taking journalism. and she's in final year. nice meeting her. she adores what i do. teehee!!

the dj came out...he's cute too. and he speaks well. and the best part was he gave me a poster. HAH! justin appeared 5 mins after 8...


handed him a stalk of rose that cost me blady rm5 and he wished me 'ching yan jit faai lok'. good enuff. even paying rm10 is worth. LOL!!

not many ppl...expected thou. everyone was crowding around just for the sake of it. even an indonesian kid pushed his way thru the front row, standing rite in front of me...he was cute...AT FIRST...and chiew fei nicely layaned him until...

'eh! sapa tu?! kenapa dengan dia?'---with heavily accented indonesian
'dia tu justin.'
'mana dia?!'
'dia kat belakang. pukul 8 baru keluar'
and he started asking us for a watch eventhough he din even know how to read numbers. i had to point to him that when the minute hand reaches 12, he'll reach. then he asked me...
'mana lapan?'...pfft

after a while...when justin arrived, we snapped and screamed crazily until we were repeatedly interrupted by the same...chubby boy. i put my finger on my lips to hint to him to keep quiet. being a naive kid i think, he din get me.

'adik bisingla! jangan bising boleh?!'


he shut up. and left...WAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

the rest of the nite was filled with more walking to the lrt, monorail & ktm stations, taxi & bus stops, airport and beca...i felt as if i have travelled the entire kl with all the public transports that exists.

that wasn't the end...there was an assignment to complete when i reach home. FUCK!! and the freaking line wasn't working. it's done...but it seems i left sumthing out. bah! screw me la...;)

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