Sunday, February 5, 2006

fearless...back to square 1

the holiday ended well. went to Mines with my parents for 'Fearless'. No1 most anticipated movie in my movie list...erm...even more anticipated compared to brokeback mountain. hehe


jet li has aged gracefully, looking evermore like a master of martial arts. compared to the wong fei hung trilogy he acted in, his portrayal as fok yuen gaap here is way more promising. considering it's his last martial arts movie, he didn't let anyone down. (except for the imbecile commentator who wrote in The Star...know history and martial arts b4 u comment. fok yuen gaap was real!!)

The showdown between him and other foreign fighters promoted the idea of sparing your enemy a chance, no matter how deadly they could be. Jet Li has once again proved his strength as the hero among Chinese. unfortunately, the movie was edited from 150 minutes to a dismal 103minute movie. it should've been longer. michelle yeoh played a small role...but it was removed.

even the themesong was remarkable. though composed and sung by jay chou(pfft!), everything blended in perfectly.

i'm waiting for the dvd to be released. my mom was the first to remind me to get the original version. YES MA'AM! i'm getting the ori DVD!! WHOO HOO!!! if it's affordable. i wan the mandarin version. someone should voice out on the bad vocal dubbing. it spoils the whole ambience.

martial-art lovers, it's a must watch.

NON martial-art lovers, WATCH IT!!!


back to class. i'm having imsomnia. can't sleep when i want to. which is really saddening. sigh

the bird outside fei's balcony has hatched. 2 yellow birdies. they look disgusting.

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