Friday, August 26, 2011

*dusts self*


It's been a while.
A long...long while.

One, I've been too busy *coughs* lazy *coughs*
Two, Twitter does the job way faster.
Three...I'm lazy.
It usually suddenly pops up in my mind that I need to update about Italy.
WTF it's been too long, but I still very much do wanna talk about it. Perhaps if someone could just help manage the pictures I'd do up a post pretty quick.

Not that anyone is reading but WTF, I'm pretty sure I'd have Alzheimer's soon so post. Jyeah...

I've been writing *never seem to complete*
I've been singing *for a probably non-existent crowd*
I've been waiting for a reply...that'll probably never come. Jun oh Jun, Y U NO REPLY.

Anyways, speaking of music, David Choi was here. I met him. He met me. I fell hard for him all over again. I'm sure he doesn't remember me anymore but...hate me bitches. He was HOT.

We look lovely I know. Kthanx.

And then a couple hours ago, I met Soler. Fell not as hard but, almost there.
If you know them *you probably won't*, THEN HATE ME TOOO!!!!

And finally, absolutely music related...I'm...
*wait for it...*

I'm inking.

p.s - you probably already know it all. pfft. twitter sucks now that i wanna blog more.


  1. ZOMG David Choi then Soler! (I'm more jealous of you bout meeting the latter.) AHHHH! I'm flying out Monday see ya X

  2. hao po!!! soler brothers are cuuuuuuuteeee!!!! hatchu!! XD

  3. how'd you manage to meet david choi?!?! yesihateyoulahhh. BYE. haha. you need to update this, womannnn!!

  4. womaaannn, update pretty please? :(