Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the lament

i solemnly blame twitter for the lack of blogging.
*looks around*
anyone here?

ah shucks it.

what's there to blog about honestly.
there's nothing exciting.
there's nothing outstanding.
nothing much achieved.
not even anything to grief over...ok hang on...i take that back. i am although, slightly agitated that my hair is not growing as fast as i want it to be.

i'd very much like to blame the imbalance and hormonal deficiency that triggered this post. i am after all, very much disgusted by the fact that eventhough i started thinking of ways to begin this post approximately 25 minutes ago in the shower, right up to this sec, i can't exactly word how disappointed i am with myself that i no longer can bullshit as much as i used to.

ok rephrase. can't bullshit, literally...not verbally.

i'm also pretty frustated that i dun seem to be able to gage how much i've achieved over the past few years that can make me speak of it with my head held high. kesimpulannye, i haven't done much althou i'm fucking 23.

don't try to correct me i just turned 23 two months ago HAH.

there...kiasuness hits in.

i dun deserve to say this but laying off advertising for a while has slowed my momentum a lot and the swamp i'm in now is dragging me into the ruts hence...i need a break. nono not that i need one...i want one. there's a diff.

im such a wimp. it must be the lack of exercise. WOOT!

if the parents are reading this, China soon?


  1. CHINA? so far! lets think of PD first! WAHAHAHA

  2. Muahahahahaha!!! Confirm d???? March so far. Feb go sumwhere 1st!!!